Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fruit Cake

Exotic Fruit Cake

  1. Vanilla sponge 01 kg

  2. Whipped Cream 400gm

  3. Mix Fruit (Mellon, Grapes, kiwi,mango,cherries and Musk Mellon) As per your choice

  4. Sugar syrup To taste

  1. Take vanilla sponge and split into three layers.

  2. Take base plate or cake base and put one layer of vanilla sponge 

  3. and sprinkle sugar syrup all over.

  4. Now apply cream and chopped fruits and do the same with other next layer.

  5. Now cover the cake with rest cream and decorate according to your

  6.  wish with different fruits.

  7. Serve chilled.

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