Thursday, 29 September 2011

Kebab...Shamee Kebab

( makes about a dozen kababs)
minced meat (goat meat) 300gm
chana daal(split chickpeas) 2 heaped tbsp
salt to taste

To be ground with boiled meat...
black cardamom 1 medium sized
green cardamom 2
cloves 4 nos
cinnamon stick 1/2 inch pc.
shahi jeera(caraway seeds) a generous pinch
black peppercorns 15 nos.

To be mixed with the paste...
finely diced onions 1/3 cup
finely dices green chillies 1 tbsp
finely chopped ginger 1 tbsp or more if you like
finely chopped green coriander leaves 2 tbsp
finely chopped mint leaves a pinch

ghee to fry the kabas(3-4 tbsp will be enough for these many kababs)


First of all wash the chana daal and dunk it in the pressure cooker along with minced meat and salt to taste. Add 3/4 cup of water and pressure cook for 5 minutes after the whistle blows, turning to low heat after the whistle. Let the pressure release, open the lid and cook without the lid till all the water evaporates...

The ground or minced meat can be cooked in a covered pan too, it will take more time to cook in that case and you might need to check it in between and add water if required.

Now, grind the cooked mixture with the spices listed for grinding with the paste.

 normally people do it the way i told but i boil all the whole spices listed here along with the minced meat and chana daal and that makes the kababs much more delicate. 

Empty the paste into a mixing bowl and keep in the fridge so that it gets a bit thicker in consistency ... It should hold it's shape when scooped with a spoon...

You need the chopped onions, green chillies, ginger and coriander and mint leaves not at the time of shaping and frying the kababs .. you can use lesser onions if you like but chopped green chillies and ginger add a lot to the final taste . As does the green coriander and a hint of mint.

Add these chopped bits to the paste , shape into small flat patties and shallow fry using ghee.
 No other oil should be used for kababs as it makes a lot of difference in final taste. Commercial joints use hydrogenated oils to get the crisp texture , beware of home ghee is the best bet...

Turn when the kababs get browned on one side ....shallow fry both sides till they get a nice brown crust , a crisp crust and well set but softer interior makes a great may want t turn them 2-3 times both sides for repeated slow browning....medium heat is a must...

Serve with lots of onion rings and lemon wedges...with parathas or plain chapatis...

A green chutney made with coriander leaves, mint , green chillies and some garlic is an optional dip served with kababs  we like it just with a squeeze of lime and lots of onion rings ....

Wrapped in a chapati, it makes a nice kathi roll ......
You can make kababs with soy granules or with zamikand or yam (elephant yam) 

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