Monday, 11 July 2011

Black Chana Chaat

Chitra Pal Khatte Chole Chaat

Easy and quick khatte chaat
1. 2 cups of Boiled Kale Chole
2. 1 small onions chopped
3. 1 chopped tomato without seeds
4. 3 tbsp of lemon juice
5. 1 chopped green chilies
6. Salt to taste
7. ½ tsp of red chili powder
8. ½ tsp of chaat masala
1. Drain boiled chana in a separate dry bowl
2. Mix tomato and onions and green chilies.
3. Toss with tongs and mix salt and red chili powder.
4. When you are ready to eat add lemon juice and chaat masala.
5. Serve in individuals dishes.

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