Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cucumber Salad


Plain yogurt  2 cup
Fresh dill    1 table spoon finely snipped
Garlic  clove  2 chopped and crushed
Cucumber   1 peeled and diced 
Green peas   ¼  cup  (blanched)
Onion        1 finely sliced
Fresh cherry tomatoes  2 to 3 diced
Chopped salted pistachio nuts   1/4  cup
Parsley sprigs   3 to 4
Lemon juice     1 teaspoon
Sugar      1 teaspoon  (optional)
Salt and pepper   to taste 

Take a bowl and put  yogurt, dill ( if you don’t get the fresh one use one teaspoon of ground dry dill), garlic, salt, pepper, sugar ( if you are using it) in it . Mix well so that the texture become smooth and creamy. Cover and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours . Now before serving mix the diced cucumber, peas, sliced onion and lemon juice. Now place the mixture in a serving bowl or you can use individual serving glass. Garnish with diced cherry tomatoes and chopped salted pistachio and sprigs of parsley. Your delicious healthy salad is ready to serve. Relish this healthy cucumber salad and  let me know that how well I kept my promise!

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