Friday, 1 July 2011

Wiggly Ears ?

Do you remember ever seeing somebody demonstrate their very odd ability to “wiggle their ears”?
It is indeed a very rare ability. 
All humans have these muscles in their ear that would make this possible, however for most of us it is muscle that is very poorly developed.
By definition, a muscle that has no use is “useless” – As useless as a turn-signal on a fighter jet!
Contrary to humans, many animals have very highly developed ear muscles – this of course gives them the ability to move their ears quite easily – enabling them to better hear when potential predators or prey might be nearby.
If you’ve ever watched those TV shows where someone on a horse is trying to track-down someone on the run, you’ll notice the rider taking cues from the direction of the horse’s ears.
For humans and a few other primates that have dormant ear muscles, we compensate for our inability to move the ears with our ability to turn our heads in the direction of the noise. 

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