Friday, 1 July 2011

Overdosing of water...

We live in society that seems to obsess over hydration. 
8 glasses a day is a generally accepted rule of thumb, but some experts say that even this could be too much and that we are safest when we pay attention to thirst.
Basically, if we drink water faster than we lose it (through sweating, breathing or urinating) it can actually kill us.
Tragic Example…
A 28 year old women competes in a ‘water-drinking contest’. 
3 hours and 6 litres of water later, the women vomited, went home with a bad headache and later died from water intoxication.
What Actually Happens…
By drinking too much water too quickly, our kidneys are unable to flush it out fast enough.  This leaves our blood somewhat watered-down.
That diluted blood is then drawn to areas of the body where the salt content is higher.  Excess water leaves the blood, enters these other cells and causes swelling as a result.
Most cells of the body can accommodate a bit of swelling, but a big exception is the neurons of the brain.  Inside the skull there isn’t much room for expansion.  When this does happen, it can be fatal!
The lesson?
It is possible to have too much of a good thing!

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