Friday, 1 July 2011

Music and Brain...

Have you ever wondered why we love music so much?
It seems to be for the same reason that we enjoy hanging around funny people, listening to inspiring speakers or going on roller-coasters.
What these things have in common is that they can change how we feel in an instant.  Music certainly fits in as one of these emotional state-changers!
In fact, music therapy is a growing field and becoming ever more common for treating patients in hospitals and recovery rooms.
Experts believe that our brains respond to the beats and rhythms of music.
Slower rhythms tend to slow the brain down and may have a relaxing effect – perhaps decreasing levels of anxiety and stress.
Faster rhythms of course would get the brain moving quicker.
Imagine trying to fall asleep to the rapid, pounding beats of heavy metal music….it would probably be a long and restless night!
Slow and soft classical music is also not likely to be played in dressing rooms before football games when athletes are trying to get wound-up.
 The power of music can also take us to times and places far back in our memories…making us feel like we are reliving certain experiences.

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