Friday, 1 July 2011

Sweet Benefits of Honey

The world of nutrition seems to works as follows:
The better the food tastes, the worse it is for us…and of course, the more bland and tasteless the food, the healthier it is.
A Rare Exception is Honey! 
Check out these advantages…
1.     Antioxidant levels similar to many fruits & vegetables
2.     Helps with metabolism – promoting weight-loss
3.     It’s a natural cough medicine (honey has antibiotic properties)
4.     Heals wounds (put over cuts, scrapes and burns to speed healing)
5.     Hair Conditioner (Honey is good at holding water molecules – mix it with some olive oil)
6.     Good for digestion (sugar in honey is pre-digested by bees…so, it’s easier for us to digest)
7.     Full of vitamins and minerals
8.     Athletic performance (Good for boosting energy and stamina – its glucose is absorbed  fast and provides a quick boost, while its fructose is a ‘slow release’ for lasting energy)

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