Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Potstickers/ Momos/ Dim-sums/ Dumplings.....!!!!

Chop Veggies(Carrots,spring onion,capsicum,parsley)

stir fry Chicken mince or( mashed paneer ) with the veg...

Add soy sauce, salt, black pepper and chilli garlic paste to taste.

Cut out rounds from the rolled out dough (All purpose flour and warm water)

put a little filling in the center

close into half moon shape

join the two ends

Can just steam and eat... or.....

Fry in 1 tsp oil

till the bottom is brown

Add water ...about half a cup....

put on the lid and cook on medium for about 5 mins

Try the potstickers/dim-sums  with sweet chilli dipping sauce or make your own by mixing soy sauce ,honey and chilli garlic paste....Yummmmm!!!!:)

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